Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane? What Hurricane? ( 08/28/11)

Hello Folks,

Hurricane Irene has finally passed us here in Pennsylvania and the skies are clearing. We are, however, still having winds. The wind gusts we had throughout the evening reached into the mid-40 mph range. It could have been a lot worse and I consider us lucky.

We only got some rain water into the basement from under the door jam. This often happens when we get wind blowing rain vertically against the back of our home.

We took precautions yesterday by placing our grill and patio furniture into the basement. Better safe than sorry!

So, what does one do the day before a hurricane is forecast in your area? Well, go fishing, of course! :)

That's exactly what Jeff (CHRGD) and Penny did on Friday afternoon. Penny worked in the morning and after work, she and Jeff loaded up the boat and headed to Lake Aldred in search of some smallmouth bass.

It is not unusual for there to be good fishing when a front is approaching. Jeff and Penny found that to hold true on Friday.

I have dubbed Penny the "Queen of the Susquehanna"! She didn't let me down and caught a beautiful largemouth bass on here "Secret Lure" You know, the one that she swore me to secrecy with the threat of death if I do reveal it to the general public... Yea, that one!


Fantastic looking LM, Penny!

Not only can Penny catch largemouth bass on here "secret lure", but she can also coax a few smallies into taking it.


Personally, I think Jeff "allows" her to be the top fish catcher in his boat... At least that's what he tells me... LOL!

Let's compare Jeff's LM to Penny's and you tell me what you think.


Is that live bait or what? :)

After a great evening on the water, Jeff and Penny trailered the boat and headed home. As they pulled out of the river valley, they were met with this beautiful site... Hurricane Irene approaching York County.




Looks like the weekend fishing plans had to be put on the back burner with such a tremendous storm heading our way. According to the weather bureau, Hurricane Irene spread out over 90 miles. WE haven't seen such a large hurricane since the 1960s.

I can remember the large amount of rain that hit Lancaster County during Hurricane Agnes back in 1972, but this storm covered a wider area and touched upon major metropolitan cities... including New York City.

For the first time, the governor of New York posted a mandatory evacuation of all low lying areas. Such an edict requires great coordination in order to handle the amount of traffic expected by his mass exodus.

This coming week is suppose to really nice outside. But as major storm will have it, the Susquehanna River will most likely be blown out for quite some time.

My good friend, SteveinPa, traveled to Bradford County and called me on his trip home today. He said that all the smaller streams were blown out and some roadways were closed due to flooding. The North Branch of The Susquehanna River will be a muddy mess. All that will be traveling south and into the main stem of the Susquehanna River.

Take Care and Be Safe,