Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lancaster (Pa) Central Market (07/16/11)

Hello Folks,

My wife started her two week vacation with a little trip with me to one of our favorite Saturday locales - The Lancaster Central Market. We especially love this market around the Christmas Holiday when minstrels roam it's corridors bringing holiday joy to all the shoppers. There are also brass ensembles, local talented choirs, and many more who spread the holiday cheer among the thousands of shoppers that visit during the festive season.

Much work has gone into the Central Market over the past few years. New ventilation and lightening has really helped the overall atmosphere within the market itself. If you ever come to Lancaster, Pa., please make sure that you visit this historical treasure of ours.

"Keys For The City" places pianos in and around the city of Lancaster, Pa. Anyone can step up to one of these donated pianos and have at it. The past few weekends there has been a man playing the piano at the Central Market. When we were there two weeks ago, he and the piano were located by the North entrance to the market. Today, he was at the more popular East entrance with a brand new EZ pop up canopy shading him and a local bongo player from the hot sun.

How about some Otis Redding... Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay or a little rhythm and blues, Kansas City, written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 1952 and sung by many, many performers since!       

They look like they were having an excellent day by the donations stuffed into their fish bowl... :)

Keys To The City - Lancaster, Pa

Here is the facade of the East Entrance to the Lancaster Central Market


The Lancaster Central Market dwarfed on it's NE corner by the tallest building in Lancaster, Pa, The Greist Building. The Greist Building stands 14 stories high and was erected in 1925.  It was designed by Lancaster architect C. Emlen Urban.


I took this photo on the newly renovated loft inside the Lancaster Central Market. Can you smell all the delicious Lancaster County foods and all those fresh cut flowers?


Tomorrow morning, my wife and I will be heading southeast to Wildwood, NJ for a five day, much needed, vacation. The weather is suppose to be great - hot and humid... Just the way we like it when at the beach!

If you get the chance, look over at "My Blog List" and visit two new sites I posted there this week... Fatboy's and Steeler's Blogs. Both have great blog entries of fishing adventuresthat they take with friends and family and much more... I think you'll enjoy them.

So, until I return from vacation to the sunny New Jersey shore...

Take Care and Be Safe!