Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Breaks from Mother Nature (04/16/11)

Hello Folks,

It seems like every time we turn around here in the Susquehanna River Valley there is another rain event happening. We have been getting pounded with heavy rain, winds, and t-storms most of the day. In fact, it is predicted that we will end up with approximately 2.35" of rain today.

This amount of rain is causing flash flood warnings on our small creeks and streams.

We are also currently in a Tornado Watch until 11:00 pm. tonight.

Pete Hanford and I were planning a trip on the Susquehanna River from Hoover's Island Ramp tomorrow (04/17/11). But due to the terrible weather we are having today and the predicted 25 mph winds with up to 48 mph gusts tomorrow, we have canceled our trip in hopes of better days in the near future.

Take a look at our river predictor and see how today's rain will effect the entire river valley...


This sharp increase in levels and flow will keep us off the Susquehanna River at least until next weekend.

Take Care and Be Safe!