Monday, January 31, 2011

Yet Another Gas Drilling Blow Out In Pa.

Hello Folks,

I was reading the "Susquehanna River Watch" blog today and saw a post regarding yet another gas drill blow out in Pa. This was not reported, at least I didn't see or hear about it, here in Lancaster County.

Gas Drill Site Blow Out

This incident happened on January 17, 2010. That was two weeks ago and I only heard about it today... two weeks later!

What chaps my hide is that they re-started drilling operations without answering the questions that our very own DEP has asked. Say what!?

How can our state allow a company to resume operations without a full explanation of the blow out and without responding to what was sent into the ecosystem? Are we that ineffective in policing our environment?

I believe the "powers to be" need to wake up and take notice to what is happening here in our own backyards.