Friday, January 21, 2011

Protecting Your OB Motor 01/21/11

Hello Folks,


As you know, I run a Four-Stroke 115/80 Yamaha OB Jet on my G3 1860 DLX. I always pride myself in taking very good care of my motor. And, if I don't know something, I will always ask a qualified mechanic.


Today, I want to discuss, in layman's terms, the care of our OB jet four-stroke motors. There are only a few things that we must do to assure that our motors remain in tip-top shape during our fishing adventures. I will cover those in this blog entry.

The most important thing anyone can do for their four-stroke OB jet motor is to have a professional look at it once a year as part of a maintenance plan. During this annual check-up, ask your mechanic to replace the oil. The oil in a four-stroke OB motor only needs changed once a year under normal usage. If you use your motor excessively throughout the year, consult your mechanic to see if you need to replace the motor oil more often... common sense, huh?

A good mechanic can prevent potential problems. That is why it is good to choose your mechanic wisely. I personally use Lakeside Marine in Harrisburg, Pa. They have extensive jet motor knowledge and experience. And most of all, I trust them. Trusting a business to do the right thing is crucial for our peace of mind.

Moving on... Last year, I had a fuel/water separator placed between my gas tanks and motor. Inside the fuel water separator is a filter that removes water from the ethanol gasoline we now get at the pump.


The fuel/water separator filter needs to be replaced once a year. You can do this on your own or, like me, I will have this filter changed by my mechanic during my motor oil change visit.

If you change this filter on your own, you must be very careful since there is water stored in the casing. You do not want this water returning to the gasoline tank or passing through to the motor.

To help with the water issue from ethanol gasoline, it is also wise to use a product, such as "Sta-Bil Marine", to remove water. Directions for use is on the packaging. Just follow the directions carefully and you should be fine.


By using the "Sta-Bil Marine" and the fuel/water separator together, you pretty much have yourself covered with water entering and damaging your four-stroke OB jet motor.

I also use "Yamaha Ring Free" with each tank fill-up. Ring Free was developed to prevent the carbon build up in the combustion chamber. It also cleans the gum and varnish within the fuel line. One ounce of Ring Free for every ten gallons of gasoline should do the trick. If you have never used Ring Free and would like to start, you should use two ounces for a ten gallon tank as a "shock" and get things started.


Once last thing that I make sure I do after every outing is lubricating the drive shaft bearing. I have included a very good piece written by my good fiend, Chris Gorsuch regarding this process and the reasoning. Please take a moment and read his article:

Lubricating The Drive Shaft Bearing by Chris Gorsuch

I hope that this information helps you understand what I do as a four stroke OB jet motor owner to keep myself on the water safely each and every year.

Take Care and Stay Safe!