Saturday, January 29, 2011

Preparing For Jig Pouring 01/29/11

Hello Folks,

I was in touch with my fishing buddy, Mike Burton, this past week regarding the recent PFBC Fisheries Committee meeting. The conversation turned to pouring lead jig heads once again for the upcoming year. In the past, Mike has been kind enough to "give" me hooks when we poured. I swore to myself that I would return the favor this year by ordering a box of 2/0 and 3/0 hooks. Well, I did it!

This past week, I went on the Lure Craft site and ordered a 1000 of both sizes. The 1000 2/0 Aberdeen #570 jig hooks sold for $26.65 and the 1000 3/0 Aberdeen jig hooks sold for $29.34. The total cost with S/H through USPS Priority Mail was $65.89.


I was also in touch with Josh Kreider regarding the pending purchase of these hooks. He sat in on a session of lead pouring last winter and wanted to contribute to the price of the hooks. So, we'll be sharing the overall cost.

I told Mike that I would be in touch with him once the hooks arrived. They arrived today! The Priority Mail only took two days to be delivered. Not bad!

So now we're all set to pour our lead jig heads for another year of fishing... Cool Beans!