Friday, November 5, 2010

Tip's For Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Hello Folks,

Back in the late 90's, I used to guide on the Susquehanna River. I had a website that was created by my good friend, Hiromi, from Japan. We didn't have all the neat website programming that exist in today's world and Hiromi actually wrote my website in HTML format. He was such a talented individual.

I not only had an index page, but several additional pages that shared photos and information. I was looking through my old computer files and found a page from back in 1997 on Fishing Tips.

I found it interesting and decided to add it here...

Tom Boyd's Fishing Tips

1. Rods and reels are the tools of our sport. Be sure to select the proper tool for the job at hand. Some will argue that spinning reels are better than baitcasters and visa versa. I believe that each has its place. Learn what each reel will do for you.

2. When using a spinning reel, we often get twists and loops in our line. Before I go fishing, I spray my line with a silicone spray. Another good method for removing the twists and loops is to allow your line to free spool behind your boat as you slowly move along. Once you get to a desired line length, close your bail and allow the twist to be pulled by the tension created. If you do not have a boat, tie your line to a tree or to a car bumper and let out line. Pull hard on the line to remove the twist.

3. Always close a spinning reel bail by hand. It eliminates the half twist you put in it if you close it with the turn of the handle.

4. A lot of dealers like to fill the spinning reel spool full. Fill your spinning reels up to 1/2 or 3/4 full. This may eliminate a lot of problems at the get go.

5. Smallmouth love crayfish. Next time you throw a tube, try dragging it rather than hopping it. I find this technique especially successful when the fishing gets tough.

6. Always recharge your trolling motor batteries immediately upon returning home from a day on the water. Check your batteries water levels often. 2 and 3 bank chargers are wonderful things.

7. Always wear a PFD when you are running your gas motor or working to remove debris from the intake of your jet motor. If choppy water makes you unstable, a PFD is a must. Remember your loved ones want you to come home safely.

8. Don’t be afraid to throw a 3/8th to 1 oz. spinnerbait for smallmouth.

9. For some reason, smallmouth love chartreuse green. I use it in spinnerbait colors and crankbaits. Chart/White, Lime, and Firetiger can be very effective colors when used at the proper time.

10. Read, Read, Read about fishing for bass!

11. If you are having trouble with your tube baits getting hung on the bottom, it may be due to the fact that the tube head is rolling. Try using a spider head jig. It will allow the tube to stand up.

12. When fishing on the back of someone’s boat, try throwing the complete opposite lure. For example, if the front man is throwing a spinnerbait, you throw a Carolina Rig. If the front man is throwing a topwater and the fish are chasing it but stopping short, throw a jig or tube. The fish are there and maybe your presentation will be the key to catching them.

13. Always take care of your physical needs. Wear a hat. Use plenty of sunscreen on exposed areas to prevent melanoma. Don’t forget your nose, earlobes, and the back of your hands and forearms. Be aware if the medication you are taking makes you hypersensitive to the sun. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. And use good UV sun protection sunglasses to prevent eye damage.

14. Always tell a loved one where you are fishing and the time you plan to return.

15. Purchase a good cell phone. They are invaluable especially when you are in trouble on the water.