Monday, July 12, 2010

Pool Disaster Diverted! 07/11/10

Yesterday morning and before we left the home for some shopping, Julie came running into the house calling for me, "Tom, the water in the pool is down below the skimmers!" Say what!?

How could the pool have lost about 6" or hundreds of gallons of water overnight... a leak?

What had happened was that the plug to the DE filter had loosen and come off. So, when the pump was running, the water was being pushed out along with the DE (diatomaceous earth) rather than through the system.

Although the pump was now off, thank goodness she noticed it before it came back on again for the evening filtration. Although no more water would have passed through the system (since it was now below the skimmers), the pump may have overheated and burned out.

So, we ran the hose to the pool and pumped some water back into the pool. It's about half way back to where it should be. I'll run more into it today, plus it is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow. That will help.

Pool Disaster Diverted!