Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food for Thought... I Would Like Your Opinions!

I post reports on Smallmouths.com, RiverSmallies.com, and RiverBassin.com, as well as, on my own fishing blog... "Fishing With Dad".

In order to do a report, I must first go out fishing, possibly take few pics or videos, and determine how I will present my adventure(s) to the general public.

I love the fishing part immensely! When I take a pic or video, there is a bit more work involved once I get home.

I must first download the pics/videos from my camera or I-Kam to the computer, file them in the correct places, and then go on either to Photobucket or YouTube to download the pics or videos onto a format that I can use here or on the other sites. By the way, the sites use a different codes than this blog does.

After I do all of the above, I sit down and brainstorm how I will organize my thoughts for a report and where the pics or videos will be placed. The writing and editing then begins. Once the writing is completed to my liking, I will copy the codes for the pics or videos and place them in the appropriate locations throughout the report.

I will proof read for misspelled words and then load the finished product onto the sites. Once I have one of the outside websites done, I can just copy it and paste it over on the other sites... task done!

It takes a good hour or two to do all of the above in order to get reports out to the general public. By doing so, I am hoping to share information and spur discussions about fishing. I do notice that there are a lot of views on my reports, but very few comments from those who read the reports. In other words, I am not getting back what I am hoping to achieve and that is discussion about fishing for smallmouth bass.

So, this is what I am thinking. I am thinking that I will only post reports here on my blog from now on and that would not only cut down the amount of work I've been doing, but also the time it takes for me to post all those reports on the other sites in which, most are getting little, if any, attention or comments spurring discussion.

I am batting this one around in my head and would like to know what you think. For those who know me personally, you can email me. For those who visit from afar, please comment and let me know what your opinions are about this.

I am a firm believer that "we don't do things for nothing unless we are totally insane. Then again, some folks act insane in order to get what they want. In the scheme of things, there is very little insanity in the entire world". I used to use this phrase a lot with the kids I would counsel in the middle school. I am not one to brag about my catches. If I were, then I would only report the good days with the big fish that I bring to hand. I do, however, see one of my needs for posting reports as having discussion about fishing which I'm no longer receiving by posting on the other sites.

Once again, please let me know what your opinions are on this matter.