Monday, March 8, 2010

Solitary Monday - 03/08/10

I fished alone today for the first time this season. We had was a gorgeous weekend and I had way too much going on to get out on the river. Well, things settled down quite a bit today and I was able to plan my solitary trip.

I arose at 5:00 a.m. with my wife. It's her normal time to get up and ready for work. I had prepared my gear, clothing, jacket, food, and drinks last evening. So, all I needed to do was shower, shave, dress, and hook the boat up.

I was on the road and towing my rig by 6:15 a.m. I headed to my local greasy spoon to eat a nice quiet breakfast, read the local newspaper, and drink some hot coffee.

The air temperature was 33 degrees on my truck thermometer when I arrived at the restaurant. Last Tuesday, it was 21 degrees at the same time. We've had a nice and welcomed warm up period over the past week. It's been a slow warm up, too. That has allowed the snow and ice to melt on a slow and even pace. The river is on a slight rise with all the water entering.

After eggs, fruit, and crispy bacon, I was back in my truck and heading to the river. It was now 37 degrees and the sun was rising over the horizon. It was just a beautiful morning. However, I knew the winds would start to kick in with the warming of the sun... and it did!

There was only one other truck and trailer in the parking lot when I arrived at the ramp. I prepped my boat and gear and launched my rig. As I was launching the G3, I saw another jet rig had arrived and was waiting for me to finish up. It was Tracker and Bob Hodgins (sp?). I had met Tracker at the ESOS a few weeks ago and Bob was an old friend of my good buddy, Mike Burton. In fact, he and Mike have known each other for 40+ years! They had fished together in the defunct Conestoga Bass Club. That was a long, long time ago.

Bob runs an 18' Sea Ark with an older four stroke 115/80 Yamaha. A very nice fishing machine.

I stuck around the ramp for a few minutes because Bob was having a hard time starting the motor on it's maiden 2010 outing. Tracker told me that it was okay for me to leave and I high tailed it across the river to my first fishing hole. A few minutes later, I caught sight of Tracker and Bob heading up river. Good!

I started my day out by fishing a hair jig. I stuck with it for about 30 minutes and finally went back to my trusty 2.5" tube with a 1/8th oz. jig head. Within seconds, I hit my first 15" bass.


A few minutes later, I hooked up with another nice 15" smallie.


(Please excuse the quality of my pics today. I'm learning the self-timer mode and flash on this new camera!)

I assumed that both of these slender fish were bucks. Neither seemed to have any evidence of eggs like my 18" did last Tuesday.

Before I left my first hole, I had five smallmouth bass ranging from 13.5" to 15" in length.

I ran north and fished two more areas with three more bass coming to hand.

At the last spot, I got off the trolling motor to pick out a 1/2 oz. silver bladed spinnerbait. I took the time to also tie it on my line before returning to the trolling motor. When I stepped up on the deck and hit the power pedal, out ran about six smallies. They were like shot out of a cannon and scattering north in all different directions... Simply Amazing!

I ended the day with ten bass with nothing too big. Tracker and Bob told me they had two beautiful hawgs today. The one smallie went around 4 lbs! Great job, Bob!

We were all throwing similar lures - jigs, tubes, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits. The tube was the big winner for me today. I did give each of the other lures ample time to catch fish, but they weren't successful.

It was a bluebird sky with quite a bit of wind. The weather report was calling for up to 15 mph winds. However, as we all know, the wind blowing through the river valley often picks up a few mph's!

The air temp when I arrived was around 38 degrees and it rose to 63 degrees when I returned to the ramp at 2:45 p.m. Our nice warming trend wil continue into tomorrow... Yes! I plan on being up north with Josh "smallieman" Kreider in the morning. I can't wait.

The water temps ran from 43 degrees to 49 degrees in the warm water influence.

Hope to have an even better report with more pics for you tomorrow.

Until later,