Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Long and Good Riddance to Winter 2009!

So What Did I Do Over The Winter of 2009?

Winter 12/21/09 - 03/20/10

Thank God this winter is winding down quickly. We had the most snow in recorded history and I know I did a helluva lot of snow blowing and shoveling!

The week after winter began, I spent 6 days in one of our local hospitals recuperating from some funky viral infection that just about closed my entire throat off. I lost well over 20 lbs and reluctantly kicked started my 2010 New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds... Not highly recommended by your PCP! I.V.s were stuck in me and I had some pretty good pain meds to help me swallow even soft foods.

We started Fall Open Gym for bball in October 2009. Team tryouts were November 19-25, 2009. Over 100 kids tried out and we can only carry 36 on the three junior high school teams (7th, 8th, and 9th grades)... Not happy having to cut 64 kids right before the Holiday Season. *sniff*

I volunteer to coach since I'm now retired/disabled from that school district. I thoroughly enjoy giving back to the community that once supported my counseling career.

Season games began on December 11, 2009 and ran all the way through to February 10, 2010. Three hours of practice each week night and several hours on Saturdays. Game days ran from 2:45 p.m. to 10:00 p.m (End of varsity games). That's 100's of volunteer hours coaching and training kids... I loved every minute of it!

December 2009, my wife joined me on my 6 month visit to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore to see my liver specialist. WhooHoo! :)

Celebrated my wife's birthday in mid-January. We celebrated our 32nd Anniversary on October 22, 2009. Everyday I wonder how this woman has put up with me and my love for life and fishing... She's a saint!

We volunteered and collected money for two benefits... Cancer Society and 'Aaron's Acres' ( )... "Anything for the kids!"

Doc. Peart gave me another cortisone shot in my right elbow (surgery last June 2009) in February because it was swelling once again on me... Dang! It seemed to do the job and the swelling was reduced and it's feeling much better now. look out, Smallies!

In February, I assisted JC Nuss of Lakeside Marine at the ESOS and in March, I helped out Winco's Custom Lures at the Calvary Church Outdoors Expo. I like to volunteer to help friends succeed, plus JC was a middle school student of mine back in the 1980's... It's nice seeing ex-students being productive citizens.

Got another spinal epidural injection today (03/18/10)... My fourth series in the past five years. Each series is comprised of three spinal epidural injections. I'll be returning in about two weeks for the second of this series... Thank you, Dr. William West!

This coming Saturday, I'll be heading north to help Dave Shindler of 'JST Fishin' (Guide Service) River Clean-Up. What a great way to bring in Spring 2010! We'll be gathering trash along the river banks and low lands with fellow anglers and concerned friends of the Susquehanna River. Last year's effort was fantastic. A big thanks to Dave and all those who participated in keeping our river just a bit cleaner.

As you can see, I try to stay busy during the winter months by a lot of volunteering. God willing, I'll be able to give yet another year in 2010!