Thursday, February 18, 2010

Satellite Radio - The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly Lie!

Hello "Fishing With Dad" Bloggers,

Okay, before I start here, let me explain one thing. I love my Sirius Satellite Radio. Always have and always will. But...

Where are the Mel Karmazin's promises of REDUCED costs. What in fact happened after the merger of XM/Sirius was an increase in costs plus additional costs that we never paid in our original bills... Like, Royalties per station listened to!!

Here is what Mel extolled:

Please take note to the first sentence of the second paragraph, "The merger will allow us to lower prices." Excuse me!... When is this taking place, Mr. Karmazin? LOL

"Importantly, significant portions of the savings achieved through the merger will be shared with customers immediately and in the long-term through lower prices and improved service offerings." Say what!?

Here's what reported back in January, 2009

Well, it certainly wasn't a rumor at all!

So, we have now dropped our two vehicle subscriptions and only have our portable unit for me to take on the water with me. I can also use it in any of my vehicles to replace those we canceled.

Our bill has increase a whole $8.00 in just the past month!

My main radio started in 12/7/06... $83.88/yr. In 2010, it was $111.80. When my wife dropped our second vehicle radio this past week. Sirius sprung for a "Half Off Promo" at $75.31. That means my February bill would have been $150.62 from the original $83.88/yr!!!

I challenge Mr. Mel Karmazin to hold true to his public promises made before a Congressional Hearing. I personally sat and listened to these promises (Yes, I was bored that day and decided to watch).