Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not Again!

I was at bball practice with the boys last night and instructing on an Open Offense. After finishing my spiel, I turned to walk away and I felt a pain in my right ankle... "What the heck was that!?"

I went to the other court and I instructed an 8th grader in a drill. After that, I sat down and thought to myself, "This isn't good."

I packed up and went home rather quickly. After supper, I asked my wife to check my ankle. I took my sneakers and my socks off. I laid back and she checked my ankle. I told her where it hurt and she touched that area. OMG! It sent me through the ceiling it hurt so bad. She couldn't tell if it was swollen, but it sure did hurt.

I was able to sleep pretty well and in the morning, I asked her to check it again since it still hurt to touch it. She thought it was slightly swollen and there was now a knot in that area.

I called the doctor's office at 8:00 a.m. and made an appointment for 10:00 a.m. Luckily, I was able to get in to the office today. Initially, she told me that they were booked all day and I may need to come in tomorrow.

At the appointment, the doc felt I had either tweaked the ligament of tore it. I'm suppose to take it easy over the next week or so and if it's still sore to the touch then we'll have an MRI done... Just Great! :-(

I can place weight on my foot w/o too much trouble. Doc was concerned that if the ligament is actually torn it may weaken over time.

So, I was thinking about going fishing today, but my common sense told me to get to the doctor as soon as possible. I'm glad I listened to that inner voice of reason.

The weather was excellent today... Overcast and reaching the 50's. It may be quite some time until we see that pleasant air temperature again. The rest of the week it will be in the 30's.

I guarantee that Josh and I will be back on the water soon.