Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Christmas Eve Service" December 24, 2009

What a joyous service we had at St. Anthony of Padua in Lancaster, Pa. this Christmas Eve. Our parish had gotten away from doing a children's liturgy, but it returned once again this year. The church was filled with family love and the gleeful sounds of babies and children from newborns to the aged.

Our community was brought together for the 139th year in joyous celebration for the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Fr. Daniel Mitzel called the children to the altar to gather around him as he sat and talked with them about Christmas. He shared a book called "I Spy Christmas". A book of many pictures that asked the children to seek out pictures of hidden Christmas related items. He told the children that although this was a "fun" Christmas book, there was one major person missing from it... Jesus!

Fr. Daniel Mitzel then read a few short Christmas related stories to the children. Stories that were centered on the birth of Jesus Christ.

Folks, this is the church of my childhood. The glorious wedding of me and my beautiful wife, Julie, was held here in 1977. The funeral services of my father (1988) and mother (2005) were held in this church. It brought back many memories as we sat in the pew.

As I enter the church, I have always look for the name of my father, William A. Boyd, Jr. (February 25, 1988) on a small name plate outside the elevator that was built by contributions from parishioners, including our family. I rub my fingers over his name plate each and every time I enter the vestibule to the elevator.

God bless all of you and may 2010 bring you health and prosperity.