Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to Fish!

The fall bite is definitely on. This past week on the NB and several reports from locations nearby are very promising. Tomorrow, I plan to hit the river alone and see what I can stir up. The water level gauge in Harrisburg, Pa. is still reading above 4' which is a prime level for me.

Basketball tryouts for the junior high school level starts on Friday. There are three days of tryouts for nearly 100 boys in grades 7 through 9. It is a major undertaking to narrow the school teams down to about 13 players per team. That is close to 70 young boys that will be heartbroken by Tuesday. I hate it, but they do have a great recreation league in our district.

I will start preparing the majority of boys for the let down as early as Friday. My story is an example of how, if they continue to grow and improve, that they can make their varsity squad. I never made my junior high school team, but I made my high school's JV and Varsity squads. My persistence and drive eventually paid off. Theirs can, too. Boys grow into young men as they advance into high school. Some that are big in middle school may slow in growth and others will pass them as they mature. Maturation is a wonderful thing when and if it happens. :-)

I plan to hit the river again on Tuesday with Josh. He was out fishing a few hours today in the Marietta, Pa. area. So, I'll be getting a report soon from his day on the water. It will help me determine my location for tomorrow's outing.

Hang tough and get out there and fish! What a fantastic few days ahead here in Pennsylvania. Our buddy Al of Winco's Custom Lures is back up on the NB today. He returned for a few more days on the beautiful waters of the NB. He called me tonight and said he caught 38 smallies on that new laminated color I showed him last week when we were all up there. He should have a better day tomorrow since he'll be on the water for a full day of smallie chasing