Friday, November 6, 2009

Prepping For NB Continues

Only two days to go until Josh and I head north to the North Branch of the Susquehanna River (Sunday, November 2, 2009). The weather reports are very promising and the river level should be almost perfect. Now all we need is for the fish to cooperate like they did in 2008.

We hit a very warm spell on our 2008 trip and it looks like we are going to hit another one this year... Perfect!

Josh's father and brother were on the NB this past week and had a wonderful time. His father said that the river should be primed for our stay. I hope he's correct.

I have my clothes pack and ready to go. I've been slowly doing grocery shopping for our lunches and snacks. I'm covering the cost of the lunches, snacks, and drinks. Josh will pick up some of tabs for supper or breakfast. It works out well that way.

I still need to pick up the lunch meats (ham and sweet bologna) and cheese tomorrow. This far, I've bought mayo, pickles, bread, 10 for 10 bags of Utz chips, fun fruits, baggies, sodas, and water.

As you can see, we are going to enjoy ourselves no matter what!

I've picked up a few more 2.5" tubes in different flavors and more 1/8th oz. ball head jigs to go with them. I want to grab a few hair jigs from my hair stash, too.

I like a challenge when fishing. I'm not so much a numbers guy as I am a "let's see how many lures will catch fish" guy. Let's say we have figured out that 3.5" tubes in Black Neon are nailing smallies. Well, I put that lure down for awhile and start throwing, let's say, a spinnerbait or jerkbait. I want to just see if I can entice the smallies to hammer that lure, too. Some days, I have caught fish on a handful of different lures... from bottom, to mid water range, to topwaters. I love those days!

I'll be writing again once we return. I hope I have good stories to pass on to you all. Hang in there and get out fishing!