Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Today started out really well. I made a lunch for on the water, hooked up the boat to my truck, and my youngest son and I headed over to our local greasy spoon for a hearty breakfast at and some good conversation about life in general.

He had no interest in going fishing on a cold morning (36 degrees) so I drove him back home before heading to Safe Harbor. I took my shorter route through Conestoga hoping to catch a glimpse of deer, but I saw none.

The drive went well until I neared the Pequea Ramp and saw that the Pequea Creek was low, real low. In fact, the ramp was totally out of the water making it virtually impossible for me to get my boat into the river!

What the hey! There are only two accesses to this section of the river (Lake Aldred)and we couldn't access the river at either one. That's approximately 7 miles of river or 24000 acres that the public cannot access when PPL decides to drop the water...
What a shame that the government allows a private business
to control a public resource.

Therefore, I had to change my plans for the morning and headed upriver and fished an area that Josh and I only spent about an hour in yesterday.

Today, I was able to catch 6 bass on 2.5" plastic tubes. I tossed spinnerbait, jerkbait, and crankbaits without success. The smaller profile seemed to be the ticket once again today. To prove that, my final fish was this beautiful 18.25" smallie... What a chunk!

I can tell the weather is about to change. The tendon of my right elbow that I had worked on in June and right hip region are bothering me today. Dang arthritis! Setting the hook on that 18'er was a chore, fer shure.