Friday, October 30, 2009

The Susquehanna River is Peaking

The Susquehanna River will be peaking at 7.4' on Saturday and will then begin to fall. It's been a whole week since we were on the river at Long Level and the river is at the same point.

I am hearing that there was flooding in NY and that the North Branch is blown out... Wow!

Josh and I were going to hit the NB this coming Sunday, but the motel couldn't guarantee us a room due to the "gas drillers" hanging around. So, we chose to go on Nov. 8th instead. That now seems to be working out for us.

Josh's dad and brother were heading up to the NB on Sunday, November 1. I haven't heard if they have or haven't canceled their trip due to the high, dirty waters.

Since my wife is working tomorrow, I was thinking of taking a trip back to the Long Level area. There is definitely plenty of water to navigate wherever I wish. The problem would be finding water that is decent to fish... I know a spot that gave me two keepers last weekend... :-)