Tuesday, October 20, 2009

River is Dirty From Last Week's Rains

I wasn't sure what Josh and I would find when we hit the water today. It was only 34 degrees this morning. So, we decided to meet at 6:30 a.m. and head to our usual breakfast at the Mt. Joy Diner after picking up his jet rig.

What we found was a pretty dirty river, but not a muddy one. The water temp was in the upper 40's. There was an overcast sky that cleared to partly cloudy by afternoon.

We only caught three fish on three different lures... One walleye and two smallmouth bass. Bass must be 18" in our section of the Susquehanna River after October 1st. Neither bass, although decent size, were legal winter season size.

The only thing I noticed about the two bass we caught was that both were caught in a section of river that was a bit clearer than the rest of the river. Cleaner water is pumping in from some of the feeder streams and creeks.

Both Wednesday and Thursday look like beautiful weather forecasts with air temps reaching close to 70's and higher. I'll be sure to be on the water searching for fish.