Thursday, August 6, 2009

Susquehanna River Above Harrisburg, Pa. 08/06/09

Last evening, my truck came home. They did absolutely nothing in 8 days to fix the problem except run my tank dry. $31 to fill my tank to half!! I guess that's one way to screw ole' dad over since I'm unhappy.

My boat was all ready to pick up today. I headed to Lakeside Marine in Harrisburg, Pa. after having a nice breakfast with my 20 yr. old son. I arrived at Lakeside around 8:20 a.m. and ran into a buddy who had his Triton at the shop for some engine work. We had a good talk and I then headed into see Barb about my bill.

After everything was taken care of, I retrieved an old boot that I had brought along. The mechanic placed the intake on the motor and ran my G3 down to their pond for a test before releasing it to me. It all checked out.

It was good seeing my buddy, JC. We talked for quite some time and reminisced about a lot of past fishing.

I got to the launch around 10:45 a.m. and fished for 2.5 hrs. The water was dingy dirty. The water temp was 70.9 degrees at launch and 72 when I trailered the boat.

The morning skies were overcast with showers, but they began to clear as I drove to the ramp. In fact, it was really nice outside when I was on the water.

The air temp was 66 degrees on the drive and rose to 80 degrees at take out.

Within several cast with a 1/2 oz. spinnerbait , I caught this nice 16.5" smallie. She hit pretty darn hard!
16.5" Smallie at Clemson Island on Aug. 6, 2009

A few minutes later, I had a 14.5" on the same spinnerbait.

I also caught several on a Bandit 200 Crawdad with Orange Belly. The largest being another 14.5" along ledges.

It was a beautiful morning and the weather cleared nicely with a NW breeze breaking the humidity.

My truck did the shaking thing several times on this trip. I think I will begin to carry my camcorder and record these episodes to show the shop. I understand their position, but I find it totally hard to believe that they have never experienced this issue in the history of all 2005 Ford F-150 Series Trucks... "Come on, give me a break!" :rolleyes:

It was nice to have my truck and boat home, even if the truck isn't fixed... Oh well!