Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day on The Water with Dell - 08/20/09

My good fishing buddy, Dell, asked me last week if I would take another teacher out with us to help him learn some techniques with lures he has never used. The lures are basic to most of us, but to our buddy, they were brand new. He had just purchased a small boat that he now uses to take his kids out in the Columbia/Wrightsville, Pa. area. He wanted to learn more so he could help his kids. Now that's a great dad!

Well, our buddy had a trip to the mountains planned and worse yet, he was going "slime rocket" fishing. So, Dell wanted to hit the water with me anyway.

Last week, he had some engine hesitation with his boat motor while fishing the NB... water in the fuel line. He dropped his rig off at Lakeside Marine in Harrisburg, Pa. to have a new water separator installed.

Now here's the funny part... A few weeks ago, Dell traveled to the NB of the Susquehanna with low air pressure in his trailer tires and really messed them up. So with his boat now at the shop, Lakeside asked if he wanted them replaced. "Sure, while it's there, do the tires", he told them. Well, when they put the trailer up, the axle fell off. That's right!! He drove from the Towanda, Pa. area all the way to Harrisburg, Pa. w/o a problem and when they put it up to replace the tires, the dang thing came undone. Some trailers are held on by u-bolts, but his was all welded.

Here's the good news... The trailer company will replace the trailer for free. Cool deal and thank goodness nothing horrible happened to him on the way home from the NB.

We caught over 15 fish today with spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, and lipless crankbaits. The water temp. was 79 -80 degrees and slightly stained. We had mostly overcast skies, but the humidity was just plain terrible. I was sweating just because my heart was beating and I was breathing.

Dell caught this beautiful fish to end our day. It came on a nice crawdad pattern lipless crankbait in a small channel b/w a rock island and a rocky plateau area.


Dell always says that it only takes one great fish to make a trip memorable. Well, buddy, I hope this 19.25" (3 lb) bass made your trip today memorable. Good job!