Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing to write home about! 7/21/09 Susquehanna River

It was a bit more difficult fishing today than it was this past Sunday. Although the air temp was 65 degrees when we arrived at the ramp (7:30 a.m.), it didn't get too warm throughout the day. In fact, when we came off the water at 2:30 p.m., it was only 68 degrees! Folks, this is July 21st we're talking about here. :confused:

The water temp was warmer at 77 degrees than the air temp was. That's what we usually see in the fall and not in the dead of summer.

The weatherman called for scattered showers throughout the day and possible T-storms by the evening. Well. the rain held off for us and we only had a bit of drizzle as we ran back to the ramp.

The sky was constantly changing even threatening at times from variable clouds to extremely overcast. The winds kicked in around 9:00 a.m. and didn't let up all day.

Our first stop was along a grass island. The snot grass had moved in over night. We only encountered this along the west side of the river. From the middle islands to the east shoreline, there was very little to no snot grass to report on.

We didn't catch many fish today. Only seven for the entire day. They all came on soft plastic tubes from 2'-5' in water depth. Our largest smallmouth was only a 14.75" smallie and caught in moving water along side an island in 4' of water.

Four of the seven bass came along the same island. The catch was sporadic and took some finessing to entice them to bite. We worked the tubes slowly on the bottom and and let them sit for quite some time.

We hooked into two very small fish (6 inch and 7inch)

The wind was really whipping when we headed back to the ramp. Surprisingly, there weren't any whitecaps. But it was rather close to happening with the stiff southern wind that was blowing against us and impeding our down river drift.

After we 'trailered' the boat, Josh asked me if I wanted to go to BPS with him. He had a few things to pick up. Ahhhhh... Let me think for a moment..."Sure, I'll go!"

We wandered around the fishing aisles until Josh was finished finding what he came there for. Josh made out guite well today by trading in his credit points and his $10 gift card. I like their point system and have benefited numerous time by trading in the points for cash off.

Sorry guys, no pics today. Nothing to write home about!