Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess what!?

Well, to the multitude of blogger fans I have that read my ramblings... yea, sure!

I was at the elbow specialist, Dr. Peart, on Tuesday (June 2) as a follow up to my recent MRI results. I had seen my hand/wrist surgeon, Dr. Kuntz, and he referred me to Dr. Peart since he had couldn't see anything wrong yet my self-reports told him different... LOL. This is not the first time I've self-reported pbs w/o evidence from MRI's and other test results*.

Well, Dr. Peart read my MRI and had me get two x-rays at his office to look more closely at the bone structure. He noticed several issues.

The first thing is that there was a bone spur in the joint itself. There is also a floating body floating near that spur. And the third issue was a possible torn tendon where he could see fluid.

Dr. Peart also mentioned that I may have broken my elbow in the past(?) and that there was a huge bone spur (reminded me of Bill Lampbeer of the Detroit Pistons) on the end of my elbow. That spur doesn't cause any pain or movement problems at this time and would not need to be dealt with.

So, on Friday, June 12, 2009, I will be entering the surgical center once more to have these elbow issues repaired. This is the same arm that I had my hand and wrist surgery back on February 17, 2009.

I'll be fishing pretty heavily over the next 6 days before the surgery. Tomorrow, Josh and I'll be hitting the Juniata River and on Sunday, we have not determined the location.

Next week looks like a lot of humid days with threats of thunderstorms. I just hope I can get out once or twice before my Friday surgery. After that, it may be awhile until I can toss a lure again.

* 1. I had an MRI of my wrist and hand before my Feb. 2009 surgery. The MRI showed absolutely nothing wrong with my wrist and I was complaining that it hurt like heck to push weight down on. Artroscopic procedure showed my wrist looked like "crab meat" and need to be scraped and repaired. I'm still in OT!! 2. Years ago, I had a knee that was eventually reconstructed after dye tests (2 tests) showed absolutely no problem at all. I spent 5.5 hrs. in surgery after that misleading test. Oh, well!