Thursday, May 21, 2009

Susquehanna River... High and Muddy!

I'm not sure how I'm finding the time today to write this, but I believe strongly in sharing information regarding the river and it's conditions to help others contemplating fishing... especially during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!

I decided to hit the river alone yesterday, but had to wait until 9:30 a.m. after OT.

The parking lot was like a ghost town.. I even looked for tumble weeds. :whistling There was only one other boat trailer in the lot... Ahhh, I love a challenge!

The water was still awfully muddy at the ramp. In fact, it was muddy a long distance upriver. So, I ran to one area and tried my trusty chartreuse spinnerbait without any luck. I packed it up and went even further north until I found "cleaner water."

Yepper... grabbed a green shad 3/8th oz. spinnerbait and started fishing up against the west bank.

I worked hard for my first fish, but she did told me what was happening. Fish were holding about 10 yds off the bank, behind rock, and in moving water.

The water temp. was 59.7 at 10:45 a.m. and 62.5 degrees at 1:45 p.m. It was Blue Bird skies with a slight SW breeze. The visibility was terrible in the majority of the river... 6-10" at best. I found an area that was clearing and I could see 2' down... Cool!

No one else was fishing this area. I did see a few other anglers out and they all were in the muddy to dirty water. Not a single one ventured out of it to find better conditions (?).

I ended with 8 bass with the biggest being 17.5". I had four over 15" and four under 15".

Here's the largest I caught... you can see the water quality behind me. It wasn't too bad in this area, but not good.

I'm sure that today, the river in and around Harrisburg will be decent. There is mention in the weather reports of more rain coming this weekend through the first part of next week. I love it! The river was around 5.5' yesterday and the predictor is showing a drop over the next few days.