Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo on the Susquehanna River

Coronas for everyone! :D

I had a late start yesterday. I had OT at 8:00 a.m. and got out at 9:15 a.m. I called Josh, my Tuesday fishing buddy, and he was under the weather. When he woke up, he wasn't feeling well. So, dad was heading on the river by himself.

The evening before, I took a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to get wet and put them all into the dry livewell... Well... As I was running up river, I notice that there was water on the back floor. Uh-Oh... I got to my first spot and open the livewell. It was filled with water. I was actually sinking my own boat. :o Not really, but everything in it was soaking wet.

I got the lures, hooks, and weights out. Even my "Little Fisherman" (talking) was soaked... Oh No! I laid it all on my wet stuff on the back deck to dry. I opened all the packages and laid the contents out.

I took a Tupperware container and used it to dip all the river water out... It all took about 20 minutes to accomplish and then back to fishing.

My first stop and within three casts, I pulled this 18.25" hawg in on a spinnerbait!


She was in a 4.5' channel with moving water. If you look under my left index finger, you can see the red sore on her lip from eating crayfish... She was not only spawned out, but feeding aggressively. Good sign!

All my fish today came off that same spinnerbait... until I lost it!! I didn't even get it hung on anything. I had a mishap where the line got caught around the handle and wrapped deep into it. I had to cut the line to free it. As I was pulling the spinnerbait back to the boat, it slipped through my weak right hand and into the drink... Bye, Bye Spinnerbait!

I finished the day with six bass. All of them were 15" and over. The 18.25" was all spawned out. I did catch a 15" that had some eggs left in her.

Water temp was 57 degrees and the air temp was 57 degrees. It was extremely overcast with threats of showers all afternoon. In fact, right after I put the boat into the garage at 5:15 p.m., the rain started. That was about the only good timing thing I did all day.

Once I had the boat in the garage, I worked on my hooks and cranks that had gotten soaked earlier. Most had dried throughout the trip. I wiped all the boxes down and sprayed them with silicone spray. I have some of those smaller sealing plastic bags. I grabbed a few and put all my now dried and sprayed hooks, weights, etc. into them... It all looks brand new and as if there was nothing wrong.

Now, to my "Little Fisherman". I treated this electrical apparatus as I did my older digital camera when it has gotten wet.... Take the batteries out, open it up, allow it to air dry during the day. On the ride home, I put the whole thing on the truck's defog vents and heated it.

When I got home, I got two new AAA batteries and screwed the whole thing back together again. Guess what!? It worked... Yes, I got my "Little Fisherman" Back in working order!

Life is good again!

Heading to a breakfast now for retired educators at the high school and the to OT again. Yesterday, my OT fitted me for a new brace to help my elbow and wrist... a custom made device... Bionic Man revisited!

I see my OT and three doctors on Monday... OT, Chiropractor, Family Physician, and Hand Surgeon. The surgeon will have my MRI report for my elbow and the family physician will have my blood test results and liver CAT Scan... See, Life is so good! :-/