Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Perfect Day on The Susquehanna River 04_21_09

I met up with Josh around 8:00 a.m. at his apartment and headed to breakfast. After a hearty breakfast, fishing talk, and some morning coffee, we were back on the road and heading to the river.

We headed north and fished the western shoreline w/o success. After about 90 minutes, we decided to change our strategy. But the further north we ran along the west back, the dirtier the water became. A small creek was pumping some ugly looking water into the main stem.

When we got above that creek, the water began to look really nice. Josh headed up the middle of the river and we spied three boats fishing along the west bank. He asked if we should head in that direction and I asked him to go in the opposite direction of the "crowd".

We had been throwing spinnerbaits most of the morning. Josh continued with the same spinnerbait when we got to our location. He had one chase it back to the boat, but that was it.

The sun started to peak out as we drifted south. So, I tied a nice silver bladed apinnerbait onto my baitcaster. I nailed a 13.5" and then within a few minutes, I had a 14".

Okay, I believe we were dialing into something. Josh let me take the front while he found his spinnerbaits in the same model. I held at the spot we were at until he came back to the front.

Well, within several cast he caught this 4lb. 4oz. pig!


We caught a few more before I caught this beaut.


Josh got hung his spinnerbait on something and we headed over to get it back. After he retrieved it, I told him to cast the spinnerbait upriver on a different angle the we had been throwing and he connected with this 4lb. 8oz. momma! Oh yea... Now that's what I'm talking about.

Water temp rose to 55 degrees today. The water was dirty to stained to clear depending on which part of the river we were on.

When we arrived at the ramp (9:30 a.m.), it was overcast and took a few hours to clear off. When it did, the spinnerbaits were definitely the ticket for big fish.

There was a slight breeze which made it rather pleasant. The air temp was around 50 degrees when we started to fish and it rose to a very comfortable 67 by 3:00p.m. What a beautiful day to be on the water!