Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two weeks out...

I had a follow up visit with my surgeon yesterday. My sutures were removed... 4 for the CT, 8 for the bone spurs, and two for the arthroscope incisions. I then had a fiberglass cast molded onto my arm in place of my dressings. This cast will remain in place for another three weeks (March 23, 2009).

I questioned the surgeon regarding the next step in helping my wrist and eliminating the chronic pain. His response was that I will need a fused wrist the next time. Although too young for a wrist replacement, I would be a candidate for a replacement.

He had considered a fusion of the carpal bones where the bone spurs ran across the back of my hand, but thought it would be unnecessary once he saw what the joints looked like.

A little bit of my 'redneck' attitude came out when selecting which cast to have. I love the outdoors and this seemed to fit my passion for fishing... LOL!


I'll be heading out on Sunday with my bass fishing club to ride along with a member who doesn't have a fishing partner. That way, I can still enjoy the outdoors and help the club by participating as an observer.