Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PT Coming to an End

Next Monday will be my last PT for my right arm. I was at the surgeon last week and he gave me a second cortisone shot into my right wrist (hand area). This is the wrist that is effected by the 'bossing' that has happened in my right hand. He also gave me a clear bill from PT and I will be ending it next Monday.

This PT/OT has really helped my elbow. In fact, I feel very little pain any more. There are moments when I move the arm the wrong way and I get a twinge of pain, but it's absolutely nothing compared to what I was experiencing back in October!

I've fish a couple of times since... on the Norther Branch of the Susquehanna and one other time at Goldsboro, Pa. Neither one had a negative effect on the elbow. I was pleased about that.

It has been really cold since November 16th. The temp has been at least 12 degrees less than the norm. In fact, we had a snow blanket the county just a few days ago. It has snow flurried off and on for several days. Right now, we've had a slight warming trend that has taken the temperature back into the 40's.

This Saturday, I plan to do some duck hunting with my buddy, Pete. We have an island up river that we set up on. There is a small creek that enters behind us and into the Susquehanna River. It's a great spot for having ducks meander down the creek and into the main stem of the river. We just have to be on our toes and watch for these floating birds... Cool!