Monday, October 20, 2008

What's Up With All These Injuries?

I have slowed my fishing over the past few weeks due to a major issue with my right arm. It all began back in April of 2008 when I was having a hard time pushing myself up with my right wrist bent. Even getting out of the bathtub was extremely difficult.

I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed the problem as 'bossing'. Bossing occurs when the cartilage between the carpal bones is worn away and the bone actually grows into the space left behind. This encroachment puts pressure on the tendons and ligaments leading into the fingers and makes my hand fall asleep at night. Ouch!

He gave me an injection of cortisone back in May and it has been feeling good ever since. However, about a week after the injection, my area above my right wrist became swollen. That lasted for several weeks. My family physician had me get a Doppler sonogram from my right shoulder to my hand. He wasn't satisfied with the results and sent me to a vascular surgeon. The vascular surgeon saw no issue and sent me on my way.

As time went on, the entire forearm from my wrist to the elbow began to hurt. My family physician had retired and I was now seeing a new physician who had just joined the staff. Well, needless to say, the process had to start all over again.

He first took me off my Lyrica thinking that it may be having a negative effect on my arm. I am now on absolutely no anti-inflammatory medication for my arthritis even though I have had bilateral hip replacements, several bulging discs in my spine, and arthritis throughout most of my joints. Ouch... again!

It's been 6 months since I had the cortisone shot in my right hand. That's right! Six months of pain and sleep deprivation caused by it. I'm a wreck!

So, my current family doctor has done a Rheumatoid Factor blood test and found that the inflammation is most likely localized to the right arm. He has referred me back to my orthopedic surgeon. I have an appointment this Thursday to see him.

Hopefully, the surgeon will give me a cortisone shot in my right elbow to reduce the inflammation and start the healing process. My right forearm feels so tight and painful today... It was 26 degrees here in Willow Street, Pa this morning!

Take care!